1958 Scott Dr # 1, Ellsworth Afb, SD (605) 385-5056

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Ellsworth AFB

The base is located near Rapid City, South Dakota. Rapid City, SD (11 miles), Aurora, CO(329 miles), Dallas, TX (895 miles) are some surrounding cities. United States Air force uses the base. 28th Bomb Wing, which includes an operations group, a maintenance directorate, a mission support group, and a medical group occupies the base. The base is about 25000 acres big. There are about 15000 military & civilian personnel at the base. The base supports the bombing missions across the world. The base was built in 1942. The base has been named after Brig Gen Richard E. Ellsworth, commander of the 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Current, Ellsworth military family housing totals 1,846 units. There are 216 units for officers and 1,630 units for enlisted personnel. South Dacota Air & Space Museum, Black Hills, Wind Cave, devilís Tower are some of the attractions near the base. Students based at the base attend the Rapid City Area School district. The base provides training on B-1 bombers. B-1B Lancer bombers are present at the base. The total Population of the base (year 2000) is 4,165, Males: 2,263 (54.3%), Females: 1,902 (45.7%).
Summer 2007 will be the last time that Ellsworth will host an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Field Training encampment. The base has participated in operations Enduring Freedom and is responsible for supporting the ground forces in IRAQ. The base has participated in the Operation enduring Freedom. The base was established as a training location for B-17 flying Fortress crew. Colonel Jeffry F. Smith currently commands the base.